A Few Reviews for Crickets!

We like this Crickets single. Its in rotation on the hip hop shows here.  You should be seeing the detections.” – Kate – KDHX – St. Louis, MO (Community Station)
“The use of a crickets sample is pretty interesting, but fits the concept well. The beat has a heavy synthesizer sound to it, but the flow is good.  The lyrics are pretty good, but I don’t fully understand the food list near the end of the track.” – Boshra – WKPS – State College, PA (Penn State U.)
“I’m really digginthe Moka Only & Chief – both are super talented artists and love Moka’s flow.” – Lisa B. – WXIN – Providence, RI (Providence College)
“This is pretty good. Moka has always come correct.  The vocals are good and the beat is bangin’.” – Matt Chan – CJSF – Vancouver, BC (Simon Fraser U.)
“I really like the beat on this. It moves me.  A good song overall.” – DJ Synapse – Club/Tastemaker – New York, NY

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