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MOKA ONLY & CHIEF – Crickets Remixes Part 1 / Digital Ep / Out on 25th November 2011

MOKA ONLY & CHIEF – Crickets Remixes Part 1 / Digital Ep / Out on 25th November 2011

The Crickets invasion continues! Moka Only & Chief’s recently released collaborative album “Crickets” gets remixed by the cream of the cream of producers, both confirmed and upcoming.

Part 1 of the Crickets Remixes series features the excellent upcoming producer hailing from Canada, Elaquent, 4Hero’s beat legend Marc Mac, deft technician oscillating comfortably between various music scenes Jules Chaz, and our very own Feelin’ music young electronic wizards Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie.

From hip-hop beats to more deconstructed electronic reworks, this first remix Ep proudly assembles a musical diversity that’s seldom seen and even more rarely both coherent and of quality.

FREE DOWNLOAD! / The track “Mess around (ELAQUENT REMIX)” is available for free download, as always blogs/websites feel free to use and abuse!


A Few Reviews for Crickets!

We like this Crickets single. Its in rotation on the hip hop shows here.  You should be seeing the detections.” – Kate – KDHX – St. Louis, MO (Community Station)
“The use of a crickets sample is pretty interesting, but fits the concept well. The beat has a heavy synthesizer sound to it, but the flow is good.  The lyrics are pretty good, but I don’t fully understand the food list near the end of the track.” – Boshra – WKPS – State College, PA (Penn State U.)
“I’m really digginthe Moka Only & Chief – both are super talented artists and love Moka’s flow.” – Lisa B. – WXIN – Providence, RI (Providence College)
“This is pretty good. Moka has always come correct.  The vocals are good and the beat is bangin’.” – Matt Chan – CJSF – Vancouver, BC (Simon Fraser U.)
“I really like the beat on this. It moves me.  A good song overall.” – DJ Synapse – Club/Tastemaker – New York, NY

Crickets sit @ 17 for the week of November 21st!!!

Greetings from Europe!

Viva Rap Burger!!!

Check the interview I did with Rap Burger out in Italy Intervista Here!



Love Affair (Live Performance on HHV)



Tour Dates:

11.11.2011 On The Real / East Village, London, UK

12.11.2011 Roxy Club, Vienna, Austria

13.11.2011 Belle villoise, Paris, France

16.11.2011 London Calling, Brussel, Belgium

17.11.2011 Exil, Zürich, Switzerland

18.11.2011 Romandie, Lausanne, Switzerland

19.11.2011 Flon, St. Gallen, Switzerland

24.11.2011 Subway, Cologne, Germany

26.11.2011 Bohannon, Berlin, Germany