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Don’t forget too…..

Greetings again to all and some. Its been wild long since ive written some bloggy stuff. Ive been busy busy busy creating so thats my excuse. Airport 5 came out before the summertime so I hope yall got a chance to cop that off itunes or whatever. I got a ton of other surprises in the cannon coming soon. One of which Is an album with the beatmaker CHIEF from switzerland,coming this fall on feelin records. He did the beats,I did the raps. And its no rush job. We cooked it over a two year period.Tasty with no bitters. Also Ive been working on the GOOGLENAIRES project with my man BOOTIE BROWN from THE PHARCYDE and we hope to complete the album by fall. So wish us luck. My most recent accomplishment is a ne instrumental album called BARBECUED HORSE CONTEST which will be available for free in a matter of days. Its just finising up at the mastering plant courtesy of my homie ST MIC . It will also be available throo this bloggy thingy so chek for that. Hmm..what else.. umm. just been basking in my own glory. Thats all for now. Shouts out to LIVE VISION management for keepin it moving. Heres a few random fotos too. me, me and vancouver. Eat your carrots.